Bargain Gains

Bargain finds! 

Mannat's Mode Bargains
Mannat's Mode bargains
Mannat's Mode bargains
Manna's Mode bargains
Mannat's Mode bargains
Mannat's Mode Bargains

Bargains Bargains Bargains! 

One of my favourite words! Who doesn't love finding a good steal? 

I was perusing through the mall when I went into a store I usually don't go to anymore! It was Dynamite! 

Sometimes you got to tackle your mind block against some stores or brand which is no longer in rotation, just to see what they have in store. For me - I love putting together outfits on the daily, so this was a fun surprise. Like many other stores they are having their summer sale right now and I got this whole outfit from the clearance rack. 

No joke ladies. This top was $15 CAD and the red pants (which are so comfy!!) were $30 CAD. They are so versatile! You can also wear this outfit - high-waisted pants and tank top combo with heels for a more dressed up look. I know this combo has been done to death... so next time you are out shopping - find a fun colour for the pants or a unique cut to the tank top to make a statement. The frill detail on the tank made this look so fun! 

I wore it with converse for a patio date with some friends! Converse are a staple in my wardrobe ever since I was... 15. These are extra extra special though! My friend customized them and sent them from Dubai for #Jannat2018 ! Read all about wedding tings on

May the bargain gods be with you on your next shopping trip! 

Love and Light,