Power of Confidence - Part 2

Mannat's Mode confidence
Mannat's Mode confidence
Mannat's Mode confidence
Mannat's Mode confidence
Mannat's Mode confidence

Part 2 of the series! if you haven’t checked out Part 1 yet, please read it here before looking at this post!

I have put together confidence testimonials from some of the girls (and guy) who I think are killin’ it in the game! See below for some major boss/ confidence goals! Thanks lovely humans for sharing your light!

Nishka Lulla - Fashion Designer, Nishka Lulla Label

“I think one needs some ‘me’ time to boost self confidence. Think positive. Take time out to dress well and comfortably according to your personal style. Workout, meditate apart from just working hard. Do more of what you love.”

Raveena Parmar - PR Guru, Nike Communications

“What makes you feel confident? Preparation and more preparation! Whether I’m pitching a new client, presenting a proposal or plan, or speaking on a panel, I feel the most adept and confident when I’ve prepared and studied. While I leave room to speak off the cuff, I feel most self assured when I know my talking points.

Delete the negative self talk. Instead, pump yourself up with positive affirmations. Corny? Yes. Effective? Hell yes. Half the game is having unwavering faith in yourself and your abilities.”

Kajal Chavda - Founder, Filament Hair Salon & Collective

“My motto is look good, feel good. And mind over matter.

Whatever is going on you can always change your thoughts which internally starts to change how you feel. You can only change who you are faced with different situations.

I meditate every single night so that helps. And sometimes if I’m really not doing well, you just need human interactions and to surround yourself with people who lift you up.”

Naina Batra - Physiotherapist, Choreographer and Dancer

“I feel like confidence is something that is built overtime with experience. Its not innate. Whether its at work or on stage, the best way I practice confidence is to fake it till I make it!”

Camille Elzir - PR girl, Middle East Market, Gucci

“When feeling low, little things make me feel better. Doing your hair or nails or getting ready for a night out and feeling good about yourself. In the long run, its more of a lifestyle thing for me. Eating well, working out and having good relationships in your life all feed into your self confidence. You need to live a balanced life.”

Adryz Arrifin - Digital Marketing Manager, Asian Market, Nike

“You need to feel confident on the inside to exude it on the outside:

  1. Investing time in yourself. Going to the gym or playing sports always makes me feel better. It can be any self improvement activities like taking a class, reading or just simply having selfish me-time away from everybody.

  2. Meditation/ recentering yourself. Not just sitting on a mat, but doing things that refocus you, calm you and take any negative energy away. Take a walk, chill at the pool, sit in the sun or watch your favourite movie. I have been doing a flotation tank, and that has helped me realign my energies and feel positive!

  3. Hanging out with people that give back good energy and make you feel good about yourself. Call your friends over for dinner, hangout, do something new or fun with them! You are, who you surround yourself with!”

Richa Kalra - Doctor of Psychiatry and Creative

“My confidence comes from being true to who I am and then seeking opportunities that align with that and feed my interests. To boost your self confidence, remind yourself what you stand for and what you offer to yourself and to others. Write it out so you can see it and go back to it when you need to. And then maybe dance and listen to some good tunes because that always fixes everything!”

Afsha Butt - Wealth Management Professional

  1. “Positive Thinking: Sounds basic but a negative perspective results in anxiety and lowers self confidence. Change your outlook and you will see your situation change.

  2. Dress Well: Put on your favourite power outfit and your favourite bra, and conquer the world ladies.

  3. Start a Pay it Forward challenge: I love doing something to help someone else, it really lifts me up. Random acts of kindness leaves us feeling better about ourselves which instills self-confidence.

  4. Talk to people: Ask them about something they are passionate about. Listen and absorb and get inspired!

  5. Lastly, don’t ever let naysayers get you down. Throw all possible doubt out the window. Whether its self-derived or from societal pressures.”

So much enlightening inspo and tips! Thanks guys!

Happy weekend everybody!

Love and Light,