Mannat's Mode DIY DECO

Jaz & Mannat Gold Wooden Sign: Etch'd Designs, they can custom make pretty well anything out of wood, I loved having these custom elements as a part of our Decor. You can see their work on . They also make for great keepsakes! 

DIY DECO: Two words I never thought I would associate with myself. 

My drawing skills have been sub-par for as long as I can remember. I usually injure myself cutting price tags off with scissors, so when it comes to crafts- I think its safe to say, I have stayed AWAY most of life.

That is until #Jannat2018.

I made this wreath in the picture - YES, I MADE IT. I had two prime reasons:  

1. With all the wedding crazy, I needed a stress busting activity. 

2. I wanted to personally create something for our wedding. We were lucky to have amazing vendors take care of most things, but I wanted something to have my touch to it, something that would be a wedding keepsake. 

Enter THIS video:

Used this video as a starting point (most supplies bought from dollarama) and then added my own touch to it: 

1. I added a gold picture holder with clamps (from indigo).
2. Printed square pictures of me and Jaz to put on there instead of a big letter (I know, craft improv? Who am I?)

It actually became a fun photo-op spot for the wedding, decoration and for people to look at some of our memories together. 

Try it for the next special event in your house! Its super easy to do and such a nice way to add a personal touch to your event! Note: I know mine is not perfect, but hey, I tried :) 

P.S. I still have mine and now is hanging on a wall in our apartment!  

Love and Light,