Ethnic Wear: How to dress for your body type

Mannat's Mode anushree reddy amrita thakur ethnic wear indian wear

Outfit details: Mannat's Mode (Skirt)  X Anushree Reddy (Blouse) X Amrita Thakur (Chunni)
Jewelry: Family Heirlooms  

Ok, real talk: people mostly only ask me about my ethnic wear! How did you put this together, it looks so good etc. I have only one answer for all: I just dress for my body type. 

Yes, guys. That is the one and only rule I follow. And as annoying as that answer is, I swear its the gospel truth.

Now, us desis love to be turnt out for summer wedding season. Whether its your wedding, your sibling, your friend, your uncle or aunt, your 2nd cousin, or your mom's second cousin's son... regardless we like to put our best foot forward at all desi occasions. 

For this post/ my friend's sangeet I paired a the Mannat's Mode: 'Plain Jane Skirt' (Omgeeeee, Mannat's Mode Festive Collection is launching soon!! EEEK - stay tuned) with a beautiful Anushree Reddy crop blouse and an Amrita Thakur net chunni. I consider myself a mix between petite and hourglass body shape so this outfit works well for me. The lehenga skirt has no tulle which makes it very versatile and modern and quite honestly - you can dance all night in it ;) 

So instead of struggling every summer about... should I buy more lehengas? Suits? Shararas? Hit up the gym so I look toned to carry off XYZ or will this look good on me? A few years ago maybe but now? Do not fear. Here’s a quick guide to help you make smarter decisions when choosing ethnic wear. It’s simple! Just choose your body type and then see which styles suit you!


Being shorter and smaller in proportions actually leaves a lot of room for experimentation! The key though is to stay away from any silhouettes that will add bulk around the mid-section or the hips. This will draw attention to your height (a big no, no!) instead of to your slenderness. So no bulky double tulle lehengas for you! Instead go for: 

  •  Saree
  •  Cape, crop top & dhoti pants
  •  Crop top & dhoti pants with a drapped chunni
  •  Waist length Jacket top with lehenga


If you’ve got a slender, relaxed torso coupled with a booty to die for and hips that don’t lie, you’re a pear. Goal: add more weight and bulk on your upper body or under your knees, but NOT your mid-section. The lesser fabric there the better! 

Here are my picks:

  •  Anarkali - your best friend. 
  •  Draped saree (but not anything that is a still material, this will add midsection bult due to the pleats! You can something that will pleat smooth, flowy and soft) 
  •  Cape and lehenga or super-flare pants 
  •  Off-shoulder blouse and lehenga - this is your other best friend. You can even go for puffier sleeves and use material that flufs up on the top. 
  •  Strappy/sleeveless blouse/crop top with lehenga (note: if any lehenga tulle, get it to flare out only below your knees, not all the way up from the hips)  


36 – 24 – 36? You lucked out. IF YOU GOT IT, FLAUNT IT BABY! These are the silhouettes that will best flatter your body type:

  •  Saree (never fails, switch it up by wearing: high neck blouse with full sleeves or no sleeves - halter style) 
  •  Kurta & sharara (short shirts up till upper thighs and the loose sharara bottom) 
  •  Any type of lehenga (my fav is crop top and high waisted skirt format) 


Putting it simply, when you’ve got weight distributed all over your body frame, you’ve got to call yourself curvy. The key to looking your best is to pick outfits that are well balanced. Here are my best bets for you:

  •  Wide leg palazzos with a just above the knee kurta & draped chunni 
  •  Jacket top & lehenga or sharara 
  •  Full sleeved blouse & lehenga. If you are insecure about showing skin, no problem! Make sure the end of the blouse by your waist and the high waisted lehenga have 2 inches of overlap! It will keep you comfortable and secure! 

Inverted Triangle

If you’ve got broad (or shall we say, reliable?!) shoulders with a flat tummy, you’re the inverted pyramid. Picking designs that will highlight the neck will work wonders for your shape! These are the outfits I recommend:

  •  Kaftans
  •  Kurta and shararas or palazzo pants. Kurta length should be longer (below knees) and the material flowy and soft to make your frame look slender - top to bottom! 

Hope this helps you guys out on your next desi shopping spree! 

Love and Light,


Mannat's Mode anushree reddy amrita thakur ethnic wear indian wear
Mannat's Mode Anushree Reddy Amrita thakur ethic wear indianwear
Mannat's Mode Anushree Reddy Amrita thakur ethic wear indianwear
DSC00144.jpgMannat's Mode Anushree Reddy Amrita thakur ethic wear indianwear
Mannat's Mode Anushree Reddy Amrita thakur ethic wear indianwear