Clothing: Marquee Noir ( Photography: Terolenn Mykitiuk  (

Clothing: Marquee Noir (
Photography: Terolenn Mykitiuk  (

So excited to post my very first partnership post. The reason I chose this company is a personal one. Having considered myself a ‘global citizen’ all my life, sometimes makes it hard to stay in one place for too long.


Ever since I can remember, I have been moving and making new friends along the way. I have lived in over 6 cities in India, 1 city in Canada, 1 city in Thailand and 1 city in the United States. My dad was in the Army in India and we moved every two years until I was about ten years old. Then, all of a sudden we made this ginormous move from India to Canada. It took a few years to get settled in, but I can confidently say that Edmonton is home.

I got a moving itch again a few years ago, and more than anything else, I think it was a discovering itch. I used my Masters as an excuse and made my way to San Francisco. And trust me- I think a part of my heart still lives there. It’s a beautiful city with a heart of gold. It’s the melting pot of all things creative, tech and ah… yes that ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ is everything you dream of and more. I came into my own in that city and have never looked back since. 

I have now been back in Edmonton for a few years and through my own personal evolution and advancing professional journey, have come to realize this: its not where you are that matters, its what you do that does. Now I’m a warm blooded, beach loving human for 365 days a year. But I realized.. I’ve spent so much time running away from the snow and winter (or wishing I could run away) that I have completely missed out on the beauty of winter itself. I made a conscious decision when I moved back that I would live one full winter season without complaining. And to my surprise- it completely transformed my outlook towards what dictates my quality of life.

My dad gave me some great advice the other day… “ you are what you practice” he said. And in retrospect those words couldn’t be truer. I literally and actively practiced to live in the moment and make the best of Edmonton life. I am happy to report it has lead to the best café discoveries, new skill sets (ice skating), a more satisfied state of mind, meeting amazing new people (yes even in my own home town), a certain innate happiness and priceless memories. And to think I was missing out on all this… when all I needed to do was embrace my city, in all its glory.

I have teamed up with this amazing company Marquee Noir – they help you embrace your home town by making cool location based sweaters like this one for Edmonton aka YEG. So find your city, embrace it and rep it. Because as they say… there is no place like home.

Go to and use code “MannatsMode” to get 15% off your order. Happy shopping!