Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

Mannat's Mode Summer Wardrobe Must-haves

Summer wardrobe vibes: cool, classy & casual. 

I think by now most of my readers know that I am a decisive person. More often then not, I know what I like and if I don't, I for sure know what I don't like. This summer has been such a whirlwind of new beginnings for me. From launching the maiden collection for Mannat's Mode locally in Edmonton to getting married and moving into a new apartment! Its been adventurous to say the least. 

Adventure calls for a very busy schedule though! But now I am back to writing and blogging, making sure I keep my creative spark alive! Here is a short and sweet post on my summer wardrobe essentials!  

Mannat's Mode Summer Wardrobe Must-haves
Mannat's Mode Summer Wardrobe Must-haves
Mannat's Mode Summer Wardrobe Must-haves
Mannat's Mode summer wardrobe
Mannat's Mode Summer Wardrobe Must-haves
Mannat's Mode Summer Wardrobe Must-haves

Here is a few of my fav summer wardrobe staples to keep it cool, classy and casual! 

1. Sunnies

Sunglasses are a summer wardrobe staple. I am obsessed with my collection! From classic black ray-bans to colourful reflective lenses... they are an extension of your outfit. They are the perfect finishing touch and whether you say it out loud or not - they are that added piece of swagger to take your vibe to the next level. Oh admit it, everyone puts their sunnies on and feels much cooler! ;) My fav spots for sunnies are: The Bay ( in Canada), Sunglass Hut & Flea Markets when I'm travelling! 

2. Hoops

In the age of feathered statement earrings, I still stick to my hoops on the daily. I absolutely love these gold hoops. They are the single most versatile pair of earrings I own. They go with everything from a t-shirt to a dress! The retro feels are making a come-back! I love how gold hoops just exude that classy and casual vibe both so effortlessly. You MUST get a pair in your accessory drawers ladies. My fav spots for hoops are: Simons, Nordstrom, Aldo Accessories and Night Markets when I'm travelling! 

3. Headbands

3 words: new found love. People in my real life may have noticed, I have recently started wearing headbands! Its not the same ones from junior high guys, there are some super chic and trendy designs out there! They are legit also god-send for them bad hair days or for some added flare to the good hair days! 

4. Sandals

Now, I swear I don't have a shoe addiction (only a bag one) but every season I find myself gravitating towards the same pair. So this summer its been these new pink/ champagne coloured sandals! The rounded wide heel actually make them pretty comfy and they have a vibe that is both casual and dressed up at the same time. Full disclaimer: I have a super high arch in my feet so I insert high arch gel insoles from London Drugs almost into every shoe, even these sandals. A) they are hidden under your feet B) Over the years COMFORT has become as important on the priority list as the aesthetic of the shoe!  

Summer wardrobe is life. What are your favourite summer must-haves? 

Love and Light,