Location:  Fairmont Hotel Macdonald ( http://www.fairmont.com/macdonald-edmonton/ )     Photography:  Terolenn Mykitiuk  ( http://www.terolenn.com/photography )     Hair and Makeup:  Reema Aulakh (instagram:  @reemakestudio ) 

Location: Fairmont Hotel Macdonald (http://www.fairmont.com/macdonald-edmonton/)

Photography: Terolenn Mykitiuk  (http://www.terolenn.com/photography)

Hair and Makeup: Reema Aulakh (instagram: @reemakestudio

Happy Women's Day everyone. May be be them, raise them and support them. 

Mannat's Mode women's day
Mannat's Mode women's day
Mannat's Mode women's day
Mannat's Mode women's day

I am so proud to be a woman. Especially at a time like this where men and women alike are saying "Times Up". Women and men worldwide are standing up for equality and its so nice to see the conversation be discussed on mainstream platforms, instead of just on the sidebar or undercurrent.

What does it mean to be a woman to me?

Being a woman means being strong, empowered and feeling like I can conquer the world. Being inspired from women like Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi to Emma Watson and Deepika Padukone. Being a woman means to be a trailblazer and to not settle. To not adhere to society's time clock or my body's biological clock. Being a woman is to refuse to be boxed in or labelled. Being a woman is seeing my mom carve her own identity and watching my dad be the wind beneath her wings. Being a woman is pushing limits, being valued, asserting confidence and getting a seat on decision making tables. Being a woman is bad-ass and emotional all at once. Being a woman is watching my cousin negotiate between her career and her kids on a daily basis. Being a woman is speaking out. To be a multi-tasking ninja. We basically have superpowers.  

Being a woman is the coolest thing that I am.    

Love and Light,