Photo credit: Terolenn http://www.terolenn.com/photography/

Photo credit: Terolenn http://www.terolenn.com/photography/

Hey guys! 

I'm back after a bit of a break due to tons of life factors like new job, apartment search and wedding planning, stag weekend (post coming soon), wedding outfit alterations etc.!! 

Now that we are in the final quarter of wedding planning, I thought its a really good time to do a post. See previous posts on how I selected my vendors (https://www.mannatsmode.com/jannatlife/weddingvendors) and venues (https://www.mannatsmode.com/jannatlife/weddingvenues) the two BIG Vs that dictate a lot of your wedding day/week! 

To be honest I have really enjoyed this year of love and wedding planning. A lot of that is attributed to my mom, the real MVP of this wedding and afcourse Jaz - for keeping things in perspective and always CHILL. Time has gone by so fast and I didn't even realize we were 3 months out before I got an email from my day-off coordinator... 

Which bring me to - day off coordinators. Without a doubt, even before I've even walked down the aisle. I highly recommend having one. Whether its a professional or a personal family member (if budgets are an issue), you need 1 point person take over the scheduling/ logistical coordination on the day of your wedding so you can be hands off and live in the moment. NOONE, and I mean noone should be coming to you with any questions on that day!  

For me, a huge part of the wedding is so make sure my near and dear ones also enjoy the day and aren't too busy making sure everything is running smoothly, which is what prompted me to hire one for my wedding. I am giving over all my vendor and venue contracts and wedding details over to her this weekend and I cannot wait to hand it all over! 

So! 3 months out is really when you get down to business and delve into the details. Here is my quick checklist of some of the stuff that needs your attention... 


  1. Finalize decor details - colour schemes, backdrops, centerpieces, floral designs etc.  
  2. Nail down hair and make up looks with your hair and make-up artists
  3. Have a meeting with your photographer and videographer for expectations/ schedules and timings during wedding week 
  4. Give out your invitation cards 
  5. Bridal outfit alterations - bride and groom!  
  6. Bridesmaid and flower girl outfit finalization/ alterations 
  7. Day-off coordinator meeting to hand over contracts 
  8. Set up pick and delivery times for anything being rented. Ex. Tents, Chairs, DJ etc.  
  9. Finalize music - entrance into the reception party + your first dance and any secondary slow dance you plan to have.
  10. Set up menu tastings with your food vendors/ venues
    P.S. Breathe, relax and enjoy this magical time. 

Over the last few weeks, with detailed planning being revved up- my parents have had to hold an intervention. No lie. They have sweetly but strongly made me delegate a lot more so that I actually have time to enjoy this time in my life. And not going to lie - best decision ever. 

I am floating on clouds and checking off the boxes on my now manageable list of bride to-dos. Its almost time guys! So so excited!  

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Love and Light,