Photo credit: Danielle ( http://lucierphotography.com /) 

Photo credit: Danielle (http://lucierphotography.com/) 

Hey guys! 

I'm back after a long hiatus. I consciously went offline to enjoy my wedding week and mini-moon. I know what you are thinking, I have been gone way longer from this blog than just two weeks. 

Well let me tell you... marrying the love of your life isn't so easy. It takes planning (a lot of planning) and patience. So here are a few of my learnings from going through the 'Jannat Wedding'. 

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  1. Delegate. Best decision I ever made. You got to let go of control of some things and let others take charge. Not only does this make family & friends feel inclusive, it also gives you breathing room to actually enjoy your wedding planning and subsequently - the wedding!  
  2. It takes a village. I know they say too many cooks in the kitchen isn't efficient but if you are having an Indian wedding (5 days long if you were us!) - trust me you want all the cooks you can get. Play up everyone's strength and delegate according to their interests for the best results.
  3.  Don't sweat the small stuff. Something can and will go wrong. Shade of pink for table cloths, the kind of flowers for the floral arrangements, the shade of yellow for the outfits - make macro level decisions and don't sweat over micro details. That is what stresses most people out. Try to look at everything as an overall effect: overall outfit, overall event, overall decor... and then focus on the 'high impact' items. For ex. a photo booth or no photo booth is a high impact decision, to go with blush pink or peach pink is not.
  4. Cherish the moments. My wedding week memories are made up of little moments. Trust me it goes by in a flash, you feel like you talked to everyone but bonded with no one. What I remember is isolated moments I shared with people. So pause and slow down whenever you can. 
  5. Plan the time of your life, with the future in mind. An easy way to make sure you keep things in perspective is by keeping the future in mind. Live in the wedding moments but keep in mind it will be over soon and have something to look forward to after the wedding. Like most people- we booked a getaway (post coming soon) & moved into our new condo! 

I am so excited to share all the wedding details and photos with you guys! I am also going to do a post on the vendors I partnered with, the outfits and event details! 

Please let me know if there is something specific you want me to post about. I would love to share any deets you guys want to know! 

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Love and Light,