Photo credit: Danielle ( http://lucierphotography.com /) 

Photo credit: Danielle (http://lucierphotography.com/) 

Alright! This is the #1 question I have been asked on the website/ Instagram/ Facebook/ In-person. So here we go. 

Wedding outfits can be super challenging to plan as a bride-to-be. How do you make all your dream outfits come alive (esp. when you have no idea what you dream outfit looks like?). For me, outfits were the easiest/ fastest wedding chore! I am decisive about what I like and what I don't... which brings me to...

TIP #1: Know what you like or what you don't like! Either will do. 

We have been dressing ourselves our whole lives... even if you are not super into fashion/ trends, most people know what styles they are comfortable in, what cuts flatter their body and what colours suit their skin tones. So I would start with that - make a list of these attributes. This will help narrow down at the very least what colours you want to wear. 

TIP #2: Plan your 'looks', not just outfits

Be clear on how many outfits you need and for what. Context is VERY important. Indian weddings especially are 3-5 days long, you want to build up your looks to the wedding and reception day. Start girly and simple and build up to glamazon status.

For me I knew I needed outfits for: Chunni, Mehndi (henna party), Sangeet, Maiyyan & Choora, Wedding and Reception. I created a separate page in my diary for each of the days. Then I wrote down the vibe/ buzz words for each of the events. For example: Mehndi page had- girly look, home event, flowers in hair, yellow colour theme etc. This boxes in your different ideas into a cohesive vision and then- you can start searching for outfits that fit the vibe + look & feel of the occasion.

TIP #3: Be classically YOU

Try to find looks and outfits that are a reflection of your personality, but just an elevated version of it. If you usually wear pastels and all of a sudden show up in lime green outfit with bold brows and a red lip - it will look very unnatural and the wedding pictures will look dated faster. This is a once-in-a-life thing - so strive for classic. Something classically YOU.

TIP #4: SHOP in the right places   

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to Indian Bridal Wear. So either: go shopping somewhere there is variety (In Canada: Vancouver or Toronto) or my personal fav: India. Make sure you go with someone who knows where the better quality and selection is. Try to pick 'someone' who has a similar style sensibility to you. More often than not- I hear of people going back to shop in stores in their hometown in India with their 55 year old aunt who has been going to the same 4 stores for the last 25 years. I can guarantee you won't find what you want - and then will feel trapped and frustrated to shop from there, thinking ' oh there is no other choice'. BUT THERE IS!! 

Get out of the trap. Internet is your best friend. Whatever cities you plan to visit in any country - Canada, US, England or India- google Indian bridal wear stores, look at photos online and see what stores appeal to the aesthetic you had in mind. Go on their website and instagram pages to look at outfit samples. Confused about what you even want? Visit websites like  https://www.wedmegood.com/ for ideas and concepts. If the city you had in mind doesn't have the variety or aesthetic you are looking for- change the plan and shop somewhere else. 

If you are asking for safe city bets in India- I did all my shopping from New Delhi & Mumbai. There is no dearth of designers of varying price points to make your bridal dreams come true. From startup designers in Shahpur Jat to local box stores in Karol Bagh and South Extension to Boutiques in Santa Cruz to the luxurious Sabyasachi showroom by Qutub Minar. Trust me- India has you covered. 

I will unveil all my bridal looks in the upcoming posts - event by event, including planning distinct theme elements into the outfits, decor, entertainment and food! 

These blog posts are helping me re-live this magical week! Ugh- I miss it guys! 

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Love and Light,